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Viking: The Norse Warrior's [Unofficial] Manual

Combines the latest research and discoveries with a humorous eye to take us inside the Viking world So you want to be a Viking? Vikings are the lords of the northern seas. Fame, glory, and wealth awa

Viking-Age Ships and Shipbuilding in Hedeby (Ships and Boats of the North)

Ships and shipbuilding were important elements of Viking culture and a precondition for trade, warfare and conquest. The important excavations at the Viking towns of Hedeby and Schleswig-Holstein r

The Invisible Friend (Viking Quest Series)

Deep in the Norwegian fjords the Viking ship comes to shore. Mikkel, the prideful young leader, is home, but Briana O’Toole faces a new, uncertain life. What will happen to her and the other I

Heart of Courage (Viking Quest Series)

Siblings Devin and Briana O’Toole are facing the biggest adventure of their lives. In exchange for Bree’s freedom, they have agreed to make on voyage on the new Viking ship Conquest. Wit

The Makers of Scotland: Picts, Romans, Gaels and Vikings

Covering a thousand years of Scottish history, this account incorporates both historical and contemporary research into old theories and controversies. During the first millennium AD, the most norther

Mystery of the Silver Coins (Viking Quest Series)

In this second installment of the Viking Quest series, Bree finds herself in a physical and spiritual battle for survival. Bree, along with another young slave, makes a daring escape from the ship

You Wouldn't Want to Be a Viking Explorer! (Revised Edition)

It is the late 10th century, and you are one of a hardy band of young adventurers who plan to sail all the way from Scandinavia to Vinland in North America. Will you survive this arduous voyage in a f

The Book of Runes: A Handbook for the Use of an Ancient Oracle - The Viking Runes

The Book of Runes is something very special: a part of the ancient past and, perhaps, a part of your future.. Based on a tradition over one thousand years old, the Runes are seen by many as a contempo

I Like Me! (Viking Kestrel picture books)

Meet Nancy Carlson’s peppy pig—a character who is full of good feelings about herself. Her story will leave little ones feeling good about themselves, too! “Little ones in need of positive r