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Dress Your House for Success: 5 Fast, Easy Steps to Selling Your House, Apartment, or Condo for the Highest Po ssible Price!

or the three million people who move each year, Dress Your House for Success will almost guarantee a sale for thousands of dollars over the price of a comparable house. Now, for the first time, everyo

Jalisco Condo Manual

A step-by-step guide and reference manual for Mexican condominiums. If you own a condo apartment or a house in a gated condo, you should be aware of the most common mistakes your condo administratio

Living and Loving in That Condo with a View of the Gulf: Story Poems

Story poems, vivid, penetrating portraits of condo dwellers in their later years written with compassion and wit. These are people who will touch your heart. Great product!

My New Condo! Journal And Memory Book (Carpe Diem Journal) (Volume 2)

Capture precious moments, as you begin this amazing life chapter in your new Condominium (Condo)! Congratulations on your new Condo! Moving into a new home is exciting. In this special Journal a

The Condo Bible for Americans: Everything You Must Know Before and After Buying a Condo

“I particularly like the description of the 100-unit complex example. Barnabic’s expertise is invaluable to those considering condominium ownership and to those who may find themselves on

The Condo Book: How to Avoid Getting Burned When Buying and Living in a Home Within a Community Association

At last a book that guides the reader through the perils and opportunities of buying a home within a community association. Condominiums, townhomes, cooperatives, and single-family homes within a comm