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The Monarch: Saving Our Most-Loved Butterfly

Every fall, spectacular orange and black clouds of monarch butterflies fill the skies as they migrate from across North America to Central Mexico. West Coast populations make a similar though much sho

Becoming Queen Victoria: The Unexpected Rise of Britain's Greatest Monarch

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The perfect companion to the PBS Masterpiece series Victoria • A gripping account of Queen Victoria’s rise and early years in power from CNN’s official royal his

Cnut the Great (The English Monarchs Series)

A seminal biography of the underappreciated eleventh-century Scandinavian warlord-turned-Anglo-Saxon monarch who united the English and Danish crowns to forge a North Sea empire Historian Timothy Bolt

Absolute Monarchs: A History of the Papacy

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER   In a chronicle that captures nearly two thousand years of inspiration and intrigue, John Julius Norwich recounts in riveting detail the histories of the most significant p

Monarch Butterfly

From egg to caterpillar to butterfly, the story of how they live.

The Enlarged and Updated Second Edition of Milkweed Monarchs and More: A Field Guide to the Invertebrate Community in the Milkweed Patch

Milkweed, Monarchs and More, The Enlarged and Updated Second Edition, A Field Gide to the Invertebrate Community in the Milkweed Patch, was created to be a field guide and provide basic background inf

Monarch and Milkweed

One of nature’s most perfect relationships Every spring the monarch butterfly migrates thousands of miles in search of the ideal milkweed plant. When she finds it, she lays her eggs on the plan

Monarchs and Milkweed: A Migrating Butterfly, a Poisonous Plant, and Their Remarkable Story of Coevolution

The fascinating and complex evolutionary relationship of the monarch butterfly and the milkweed plant Monarch butterflies are one of nature’s most recognizable creatures, known for their bright

How to Raise Monarch Butterflies: A Step-by-Step Guide for Kids (How It Works)

“The breezy and down-to-earth text … nicely communicates the wonder … Especially effective is the eight-pictured depiction of the development of the caterpillar into a chrysalis.&#