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Brambly Hedge: Sea Story

Step into the exquisite miniature world of the mice of Brambly Hedge in this beautiful new edition of the classic picture book. It was summer and Primrose woke knowing that it was going to be a very s

Hedges and Hedgelaying: A Guide to Planting, Management and Conservation

In recent years there has been a much greater appreciation of the enormous contribution that hedges make to the countryside. Today, their beauty, their ability to provide wind protection and contain

Diary of a Hedge Fund Manager: From the Top, to the Bottom, and Back Again

A fast-paced ride through the world of hedge funds revealing the unvarnished truth of how Wall Street really operates, and how to use this to your advantage An insider’s view of the high stake

Investing in Credit Hedge Funds: An In-Depth Guide to Building Your Portfolio and Profiting from the Credit Market (Professional Finance & Investment)

THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO CREATING A POWERFUL STRATEGY FOR INVESTMENTS IN CREDIT HEDGE FUNDS Following the credit crisis that rocked the global markets, many investors were left with a great sense of un

Brambly Hedge Pattern Book

Includes easy-to-follow instructions and patterns for making fabric versions of the Brambly Hedge mice.

The Hedge People: How I Kept My Sanity and Sense of Humor As an Alzheimer's Caregiver

Caring for those with Alzheimer’s can be emotionally depleting. Frustration often dominates the day as you try to bridge the gap between real life and a person who has lost touch with reality. Combi

Entrepreneurship in Finance: Successfully Launching and Managing a Hedge Fund in Asia

Thinking of launching your own hedge fund? Want to learn more about the different steps involved in setting up and scaling a hedge fund? Want to understand what are the global best practices in order

The Hedge Fund Fraud Casebook

An in-depth, well-researched look at 100 hedge fund frauds Compared to mutual funds, hedge funds are the James Bonds of the marketplace. They have been relatively unfettered by government regulation

How to Create and Manage a Hedge Fund: A Professional's Guide

Includes trading examples that illustrate points about risk management and leverage. Presents all the practical knowledge necessary to run a leveraged investment company. Non-technical explanations b