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Bantam Standard for the Breeder, Exhibitor and Judge 1997

A description of the colors, type, standard points and weight of all exhibition Bantams. Everything you ever wanted to know about Bantams.

The Great Exhibitor: The Life and Work of Henry Cole (Victoria and Albert Museum Catalogues)

One of the eminent figures of the Victorian era, Henry Cole (1808-1882) was a visionary whose pioneering ideas helped create the magnificent London museum that is now called the Victoria and Albert. W

Honey Shows: Guidelines for exhibitors, superintendents and judges

Guidelines and General Considerations, Liquid Honey, Crystalized Honey, Comb Honey, Cut Comb Honey, Chunk Honey, Bulk Frames of Honey, Beeswax, Observation HIves, Novelties, Beekeepers’ Gadgets,

Judging Hunters and Hunter Seat Equitation: A Comprehensive Guide for Exhibitors and Judges (Revised and Updated

Still the only book on how to judge hunt-seat show classes. Used Book in Good Condition

ORIENTAL GAMEFOWL: A Guide for the Sportsman, Poultryman and Exhibitor of Rare Poultry Species and Gamefowl of the World

The book, over 30 years in the making and based on worldwide research about the history and evolution of Oriental poultry races with a detailed description, their origin, distribution and current day

Bantam Standard for the Breeder, Exhibitor and Judge

This 13th Edition is the first Bantam Standard to include digitally enhanced photographs of actual bantams exhibited all across the United States.