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Pioneers of Cable Television: The Pennsylvania Founders of an Industry

Although there are different opinions about where cable television actually began, a great deal of the ingenuity that developed cable into today’s multibillion dollar industry came from Pennsylvania

Start a TV Station:Learn How to Start Satellite, Cable, Analog and Digital Broadcast TV Channels and

This is probably the first book ever written on how to start your own TV station. This book is to the point, and the author does not waste time on worthless information. If you are looking to start yo

Broadband Return Systems for Hybrid Fiber/Coax Cable TV Networks

This is the first complete guide to designing two-way cable systems that can support tomorrow’s most exciting, high-demand applications. This book walks step-by-step through the construction o

TV Without Cable: The Ultimate User Guide - Streaming TV & Free Over-The-Air TV (Internet TV) (Volume 1)

The perfect guide for making the switch to streaming TV! Includes a step-by-step guide and cost analysis worksheet! Your purchase also comes with a free product guide reviewing the most popular prod

Digital Basics for Cable TV Systems

If you install, upgrade, or maintain digital or mixed digital/analog systems, Digital Basics for Cable Television Systems is your complete guide to this new world. Friendly and authoritative, it’

Watching TV Without Cable: Cord Cutters Guide To Over-The-Air Free TV, Free Internet TV And Streaming Devices

Welcome To The Cord Cutting Revolution! Join the thousands of cable and satellite customers who are fed up with cable companies and their – endless fees and taxes, – constantly increasin

Digital Television At Home: Satellite, Cable And Over-The-Air: Using, Controlling And Understanding Digital Tv Technologies.

How digital television works, and how to get the most out of it. This book is basic enough so that no previous background is needed. The most detailed chapters, however, provide enough detail to sa