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The 50 Secrets of Trade Show Success: Everything you need to know to succeed at your next trade show, from maximizing lead generation, through choosing the best giveaways to measuring accurate ROI

The Ultimate Marketer’s Guide to Succeeding at Trade Shows Are you sick and tired of getting mediocre results at trade shows? Do you feel your booth looks just like everyone else’s? Could you

Three Feet from Seven Figures: One-on-One Engagement Techniques to Qualify More Leads at Trade Shows

Trade shows and conferences are surreal environments of compressed time and space. Potential customers, whose lifetime value could mean millions to your business, are walking right past you. In Three

Trade Show & Event Marketing: Plan, Promote & Profit

Finally – an authority on maximizing your company’s trade show potential. The author masterfully covers all aspects of trade show marketing – setting objectives, planning, promoting,

Trade Show Samurai: The Four Core Arts for Capturing Leads

Even the most experienced trade show exhibitors are astounded at the effectiveness of the Four Core Arts of the Trade Show Samurai. Outlined and explained by Trade Show Samurai Master and Sensei, Mike

How to Get the Most Out of Trade Shows (Marketing/Sales/Advertising & Promotion)

Proper planning and effective management of your trade show presence are the keys to trade shows uccess for every business. Loaded with real-lifeexamples and brimming with practical guidance on how t

Tradeshow Success: 14 Proven Steps to Take Your Tradeshow Marketing to the Next Level

So…you’re in charge of planning your company’s trade show marketing strategy. Don’t freak out! This easy-to-follow guide has all of the practical tips and tricks you need to become a trade sho

Guerrilla Trade Show Selling: New Unconventional Weapons and Tactics to Meet More People, Get More Leads, and Close More Sales (Guerrilla Marketing Series)

“Follow the wisdom contained in this powerful volume and your treasury will grow and grow. I learned plenty.” — Og Mandino, author The Greatest Salesman in the World “The Guer

Comic-Con and the Business of Pop Culture: What the World's Wildest Trade Show Can Tell Us About the Future of Entertainment (Business Books)

Action! Excitement! Transmedia! Step inside Comic-Con to discover the cultural trends that will shape our world “I’ve been in comics so long I sometimes think I invented ’em! But I just read Rob

The Trade Show Chronicles: The exhibition booth management recipe, from A to Z

The only novel to put you in the shoes of an exhibitor, teaching you about trade shows and providing practical solutions to boost your ROI The Trade Show Chronicles offers you all the tricks of a goo