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Bath Tangle (Regency Romances)

“Witty, humorous, a well-constructed plot.”-Candace Camp, New York Times bestselling author of Suddenly A Delightful Tangle of Affairs…The Earl of Spenborough had always been noted

April Lady (Regency Romances)

“Graceful and exciting … the best kind of ‘escape’ story.” –LIBRARY JOURNAL What seems a marriage of convenience… When young newlywed Lady Nell Cardross begi

Frederica (Regency Romances)

“Heyer was one of the great protagonists of the historical novel in the post-war golden age…” –Philippa Gregory Frederica only wants what’s best for her family, even if it me

The Foundling (Regency Romances)

“What happens when a many-titled Duke decides to play hookey from his suffociaating dignity…”-Kirkus Reviews The Duke of Sale is out to prove himself The shy, young Duke of Sale has

Cotillion (Regency Romances)

Almost an heiress Country–bred, spirited Kitty Charings is on the brink of inheriting a fortune from her eccentric guardian ― provided that she marries one of his grand?nephews. Kitty has spent

Friday's Child (Regency Romances)

“A lightsome, brightsome comedy.” –Kirkus Reviews “Nimble, light-hearted chronicle of high London society in the time of the Regency.” –The New Yorker Georgette H

The Quiet Gentleman (Regency Romances)

“Fascinating reading…authentic atmosphere in a delightful Enlgish tale”―Chicago Sunday Tribune Celebrate the 80th birthday of Regency Romance with great books from Sourcebooks Casa

A Civil Contract (Regency Romances)

“A five-star job of sheerly delightful romance writing.”- Chicago Sunday Tribune Can the wrong bride become the perfect wife? Adam Deveril, the new Viscount Lynton, is madly in love with t

Faro's Daughter (Regency Romances)

Beautiful Deborah Grantham, mistress of her aunt’s elegant gaming house, must find a way to restore herself and her aunt to respectability, preferably without accepting either of two repugnant o