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ASD/LRFD Wind and Seismic: Special Design Provisions for Wind and Seismic with Commentary (2008)

Wind and Seismic design guide, released for use with 2005 NDS Wood Design Package.

Commercial Retail Leases and Outlot Purchases: A Practitioner's Guide to Forms and Provisions

A commercial lease is the law. Unlike other areas of real estate that are subject to major statutory structures, most states have only limited statutory authority on commercial leases. Therefore, to n

Educating Special Students: An introduction to provision for learners with disabilities and disorders

Educating Special Students is the definitive guide to evidence based practice and professionally informed approaches to provision for special students. Now in its third edition, the book sets out idea

Provision: Signs, Wonders & Miracles in the Life & Aliyah of a Messianic Jew

PROVISION, by Dr. Raymond Robert Fischer – A thrilling, inspiring, and deeply touching testimony of the author’s experiences with the mighty God of Israel. These signs, wonders & mira

The U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child: An Analysis of Treaty Provisions And Implications of U.S. Ratification

This in-depth text goes beyond the rhetoric of the debate on children s rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child, in particular, to provide a detailed examination of the impact that U.S. r

Engineering and Science of Biomass Feedstock Production and Provision

The biomass based energy sector, especially the one based on lignocellulosic sources such as switchgrass Miscanthus, forest residues and short rotation coppice, will play an important role in our driv

2006 IRC Checklist - Building Provisions, Chapters 1-11 (International Code Council Series)

This unique resource is the perfect tool for planning a building project while also completing the critical step of incorporating applicable codes and provisions. The 2006 INTERNATIONAL RESIDENTIAL CO

Modes of Therapeutic Action

How do we position ourselves, moment by moment, in relation to our patients and how do these positions inform both what we come to know about our patients and how we intervene? Do we participate as ne

Federal Estate & Gift Taxes: Code & Regulations (Including Related Income Tax Provisions), As of March 2016

CCH’s Federal Estate & Gift Taxes: Code and Regulations is an indispensable single-source compilation of the Estate and Gift Tax Law. It provides the following: – Full official text o