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The Mauser Parabellum 1930-1946, Analysis of a Million Luger Pistols

This book features Mauser’s history. The move from DWM in 1930. All foreign contracts. Start of production in 1934.German Army, Navy and PoliceProof and Acceptance stamps.Changes in propertie

Colt Pocket Hammerless Automatic Pistols II LEATHER

Profusely illustrated it is based on many years of research in the Colt factory production and shipping records as well as personal examination of these pistols over more than sixty years. Included is

Collector's Guide to Colt .45 Service Pistols: Models of 1911 and 1911A1: From 1911 to the End of Production in 1945: Complete Military Identification, Including All Contractors

BRAND NEW! 2003 third edition, second printing. Octavo, 146 pages, profusely illustrated, glossy color pictorial hardcovers. Long touted as the definitive “Bible” of Colt Model 1911 handgu

The Luger pistol: (pistole parabellum) : its history and development from 1893-1945

This is the complete and authentic story behind the most famous automatic pistol of all times — Luger, Parabellum, P-.08. The most prized souvenir of two world wars, the official side-arm of so

Competitive Shooting: Techniques and Training for Rifle, Pistol, and Running Game Target Shooting

An encyclopedic resume of the principles and practices involved with training and equipping world-class shooting champions. English-language translation by NRA.

God Save Sex Pistols Deluxe Edition

An enhanced edition of the original Rizzoli publication, God Save Sex Pistols offers an unseen visual history of the incendiary punk band. Published to coincide with the fortieth anniversary of the Se