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Blockchain: The Essential Quick & Easy Blueprint To Understand Blockchain Technology And Conquer The Next Thriving Economy! Get Your First Mover Advantage Now!

Blockchain Don’t you want to ride and conquer the next thriving economy? Imagine you are been presented with an opportunity before the flourishing of Internet, what would you do? Now is the time

The Agenda Mover: When Your Good Idea Is Not Enough (The BLG Pragmatic Leadership Series)

Organizations, institutions, and individuals get stuck in spite of their innovative ideas and ambitious agendas. Never has the timing been better for a book that cuts through the theoretical jargon an

7 Brides for 7 Bodies (Body Movers)

Happily never after… Carlotta Wren’s life has taken a startling turn–she’s not sure what’s going to happen next. So when her retail job temporarily plants her in the worl

Curious George's Dump Truck (mini movers shaped board books)

Come along for a ride with Curious George’s Dump Truck—an innovative novelty book that’s shaped like a truck! When George sees a big blue dump truck at the park, he can’t wait to

Curious George's Train (mini movers shaped board books)

Choo-choo! Come along for a ride in Curious George’s Train—an innovative novelty book that’s shaped like a train! George is going on an old-fashioned train ride, and he can’t wait