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Jeweler's Enameling Workshop: Techniques and Projects for Making Enameled Jewelry

Add Vibrant Color to Your Jewelry! Enameling is the one of the best ways to add color to your jewelry–and anyone can do it! In Jeweler’s Enameling Workshop, master jeweler Pauline Warg sh

Textile Techniques in Metal: For Jewelers, Textile Artists & Sculptors: For Jewelers, Textile Artists & Sculptors

When you think of fiber arts, materials like copper, silver, gold, and steel probably don’t come to mind. But renowned artist and jeweler Arline Fisch has transformed this unlikely combination into

Color, Texture & Casting for Jewelers: Hands-On Demonstrations & Practical Applications (Lark Jewelry & Beading)

In Color, Texture & Casting, jewelry teacher extraordinaire Carles Codina covers a wide swath of techniques in depth, in a book packed with excellent instruction and cover-to-cover superb how-

Jeweler's Resource : A Reference of Gems, Metals, Formulas and Terminology for Jewelers (Revised Edition) (Jewelry Crafts)

This book is not intended as a how-to text. Many fine books are available which provide instruction in techniques. The intent of this text is to serve as a look-up book. My own library of jewelry text

Metal Artist's Workbench: Demystifying the Jeweler's Saw

Get to know the most diverse tool on your workbench the jeweler’s saw! Metal Artist’s Workbench is your comprehensive guide for creating jewelry and other sawn projects by getting to know

Making Connections: A Handbook of Cold Joins for Jewelers and Mixed-Media Artists

Featuring a wide variety of cold-join techniques from the commonly used to the amazingly new, this beautiful handbook is the first on cold connections and combines the art of jewelry making with moder

Making Connections: A Handbook of Cold Joins for Jewelers and Mixed-media Artists

Good book for jewelers or artists who work with cold soldering techniques.