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Essential Kundalini Yoga: An Invitation to Radiant Health, Unconditional Love, and the Awakening of Your Energetic Potential

For new and experienced students, practical guidance in kundalini yoga for happiness, health, and fulfillment   Kundalini is a universal life force within each of us that, once awakened, holds the p

The Seer's Path: An Invitation to Experience Heaven, Angels, and the Invisible Realm of the Spirit

Open your eyes to discover the invisible world of the spirit realm! Just beyond what your eyes can see, there is a very real spirit world. This unseen realm is responsible for many everyday happenings

Essentials of Meteorology: An Invitation to the Atmosphere

This updated and enhanced seventh edition of ESSENTIALS OF METEOROLOGY is written by the most widely read and authoritative author in introductory meteorology-Donald Ahrens. Ahrens’s ability to

An Invitation to Health

In this new edition of the market-leading personal health text, Dianne Hales invites you to a future of healthy living by providing the information and tools they need to make healthy changes NOW. Del

Invitation to the Life Span with Updates on DSM-5

Edition after edition, Kathleen Stassen Berger’s bestselling textbooks connect all kinds of students to current state of developmental psychology, in an engaging, accessible, culturally inclusive wa

Invitation to World Religions

Featuring a unique, consistent, and modular chapter structure–“Teachings,” “History,” and “Ways of Life”–and numerous pedagogical features, Invitation t

Invitation to Psychology (6th Edition)

ALERT: Before you purchase, check with your instructor or review your course syllabus to ensure that you select the correct ISBN. Several versions of Pearson’s MyLab & Mastering produc

Invitation to a Journey: A Road Map for Spiritual Formation (Transforming Center Set)

M. Robert Mulholland Jr. defines spiritual formation as “the process of being formed in the image of Christ for the sake of others.” Compact and solid, this definition encompasses the dyna