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Mata Ortiz Pottery Buyer's Guide: The Earth's Bounty into Your Home's Beauty

Phil has written one of the first guides to buying and collecting Mata Ortiz pottery. This little book will provide the beginning and veteran collector with valuable information about the village of M

The Smart First-Time Home Buyer's Guide: How to Avoid Making First-Time Home Buyer Mistakes

Do you want to avoid making those first-time home buyer mistakes!? Buying a home can be both exciting and overwhelming for all first-time home-buyers. If you have already started the search process,

Buy Your First Home: A Basic Step-by-Step Guide for First Time Home Buyers

For renters who dream of becoming home owners, this comprehensive guide shows each phase of the home buying process in a simple step-by-step manual.

First-Time Home Buyer's Guide: Buy your first home

What you will learn from this book! 1. Obstacles of Homeownership 2. Play by Play of the process 3. How to pick the “A” team 4. What your credit is made of 5. Find your right home

Manufactured Home Buyer's Handbook

This handbook details the steps the shopper must follow when buying a manufactured home. It offers advice on choosing a dealership, negotiating with sales people, understanding mortgage options, avoid

HUD Homes for Sale - A Complete Buyer's Guide: Revised Edition 2011 includes the latest changes about HUD Home sales

Frances Flynn Thorsen’s “HUD Homes for Sale – A Complete Buyer’s Guide” is the first complete and authoritative book for home buyers about government owned properties kno

Real Estate Appraising From A to Z: Real Estate Appraiser, Homeowner, Home Buyer and Seller Survival Kit Series (Real Estate from a to Z)

Fourth edition of this top selling real estate book. Nemmar Real Estate Training is ranked as one of the most exclusive real estate appraisal and home inspection training services since 1988. Our top

Rich Buyer, Rich Seller The Real Estate Agents Updated Guide To Marketing Luxury Homes The Expanded Second Edition

Maximize your success in the luxury home niche. Rich Buyer, Rich Seller tells you how. Inside you’ll discover new research, great ideas, and the surprising answers to questions such as… *