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Chinese Heritage Cooking (Singapore Heritage Cooking)

The Singapore Heritage Cookbook series documents and preserves the cultural and culinary heritage of the different ethnic groups in Singapore through recipes passed down from generation to generation.

Teaching Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Heritage Language Students: Curriculum Needs, Materials, and Assessment (ESL & Applied Linguistics Professional Series)

This book contributes to building the research knowledge that language teaching professionals need in developing curriculum for the large population of East Asian heritage students (including Chinese,

Hidden Heritage: Historical Archaeology of the Overseas Chinese (Baywood Monographs in Archaeology Series)

Beginning in the mid-nineteenth century, large numbers of people from mainland China emigrated to the United States and other countries seeking employment. Termed “overseas Chinese,” they

The Heritage of Chinese Civilization

A single volume, clear and manageable narrative covering all the major periods of Chinese history. The text is presented chronologically and features brief principle interpretations to provide an acce

Heritage of Chinese Civilization [[3rd (third) Edition]]

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California's Chinese Heritage: A Legacy of Places

The book is a systematic compilation of places within California that have been of importance to the Chinese. Dividing the state into eight regions, the author provides a county-by-county history and

The Paper Cut-Out Design Book: A Sourcebook for Creating and Adapting the Heritage of American Folk Art, Polish Wycinanki, Chinese Hua Yang, Japanese Kirigami, German Scherenschnitte, and Others

A sourcebook for creating and adapting the heritage of American folk art, Polish wycinanki, Chinese hua yang, Japanese kirigami, German scherenschnitte and others. Includes instructions, designs, patt

The Heritage of Chinese Civilization (3rd Edition)

For survey courses in the History of Asia and the History of China.   The Heritage of Chinese Civilization, Third Edition, offers students a clear and concise single-volume narrative covering al