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Empowering Exporters: Reciprocity, Delegation, and Collective Action in American Trade Policy (Michigan Studies in International Political Economy)

Until the New Deal, most groups seeking protection from imports were successful in obtaining relief from Congress. In general the cost of paying the tariffs for consumers was less than the cost of mou

The Exporter's Handbook to the US Wine Market

Attempting to export wine to the U.S. has long been fraught with difficulty, especially for the smaller producers. The U.S. wine industry, complicated by confusing regulations and intense internal bra

Design Resource Guide - A Reference for U.S. Exporters of Design Services

The landscape for international opportunity is growing rapidly with the advancements of trade policy regarding services, intellectual property protection and financial mechanisms to protect internatio

Taiwan in the Global Economy: From an Agrarian Economy to an Exporter of High-Tech Products

A role model for late industrializing countries, Taiwan provides unique and interesting development lessons for third world countries. Once a poverty-stricken, resource-poor, technologically backward

The Riddle of the Exporter International Launch Plan (An 8 Step Process to Conquer the World of Exporting)

New! 2017 updated version of the Riddle of the ExporterTM Workbook!! Updates include new rules for filing EEI (Electronic Export Information) through the ACE (Automated Commercial Environment) and the

Forfaiting for Exporters: Practical Solutions for Global Trade Finance

Offers an insight into forfaiting, a trade finance tool, this work reveals the mechanics of an a forfait transaction, how the risks are measured, different practical applications and likely future dev

Guidelines for Exporters of Fruit and Vegetables to the European Market

A consolidated and updated handbook. Provides guidelines for producers and exporters of fresh fruit and vegetables to the European Market.

Sourcing Practices in the Apparel Industry: Implications for Garment Exporters in Commonwealth Developing Countries

Sourcing practices in the global apparel industry are changing because of the removal of quotas, new trade agreements, and a drive by apparel importers to lower costs. This study addresses the implica

American Culture Warriors in Africa: A Guide to the Exporters of Homophobia and Sexism

American Culture Warriors in Africa: A Guide to the Exporters of Homophobia and Sexism is a new, popular-format guidebook designed to educate U.S. audiences and motivate all people of conscience to ta