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Riding The American Dream: Surviving Road Rash & Living To Tell About It: The Official Story of Excelsior-Henderson Motorcycles

This true story is the remarkable, modern-day story of a brutally intensive business start-up—that dared to cross swords against the industry giants. As told by Dan Hanlon, founder of Excelsior-Hend

Upstate Cauldron: Eccentric Spiritual Movements in Early New York State (Excelsior Editions)

A guide to the phenomenal crop of prophets, cults, and utopian communities that arose in Upstate New York from 1776 to 1914. From 1776 to 1914, an amazing collection of prophets, mediums, sects,

The Spirit of New York: Defining Events in the Empire State's History (Excelsior Editions)

Presents New York history in a fresh way through sixteen dramatic events. In this lively and engaging book, Bruce W. Dearstyne presents New York State history by exploring sixteen dramatic events

The Interpreter: A Story of Two Worlds (Excelsior Editions)

A visionary journey into the crucible in which America was born, a tale of love and war and of a master shaman who folds time to seek the key to the survival of his people. A vivid narrative of the c

Excelsior, You Fathead!: The Art and Enigma of Jean Shepherd

(Applause Books). Jean Shepherd (1921-1999), master humorist, is best known for his creation A Christmas Story , the popular movie about the child who wants a BB gun for Christmas and nearly shoots h

The Madonna of Excelsior: A Novel

“A generous, patient, wry and intelligent voice…[that] suggests not just a writer who can seduce us through beautiful language and unfailing humor. We also encounter a writer who has the

Excelsior!: The Amazing Life of Stan Lee

The man behind Spider-Man, The X-Men, The Incredible Hulk, and a legion of other superheroes tells his own amazing story in a book packed with punch, humor, anecdotes, and a gallery of never-before-se

Stop at the Red Apple: The Restaurant on Route 17 (Excelsior Editions)

An entertaining inside story of how Reuben Freed’s roadside eatery became the famous Red Apple Rest. The Red Apple Rest was a legendary restaurant open from the 1930s through the 1980s on New Yor