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Mortgage Loan Monthly Amortization Payment Tables: Easy to use reference for home buyers and sellers, mortgage brokers, bank and credit union loan ... of a given amount, term, and interest rate.

Monthly Payment Amortization Tables for Small Loans is a practical tool for anyone who needs to calculate mortgage loan payments, and prefers to do it the old fashioned way. It includes clean well la

Smarter Bank: Why Money Management is More Important Than Money Movement to Banks and Credit Unions

With technological developments and upstarts threatening to disrupt and displace established financial institutions, what should banks and credit unions do to defend their positions, and to grow and t

Credit Rating Agencies: Self-regulation, Statutory Regulation and Case Law Regulation in the United States and European Union

The book examines the role of credit rating agencies (CRAs) in the subprime mortgage crisis. The CRAs are blamed for awarding risky securities ‘3-A’ investment grade status and then failing to dow

The Secret War on America's Credit Unions

Since 1937, American bankers have been waging a public relations and legislative war on the nation’s credit unions. They claim that credit unions don’t pay taxes, don’t play by the same rules,

Audit and Accounting Guide Depository and Lending Institutions: Banks and Savings Institutions, Credit Unions, Finance Companies, and Mortgage Companies

The financial services industry is undergoing significant change, which has added challenges for institutions assessing their operations and internal controls for regulatory considerations. This 2016

Credit Union Movement: Origins and Development, 1850-1980

Book by Moody, J. Carroll Used Book in Good Condition

Supervisory Committee Guide for Federal Credit Unions

This Guide updates our previous publication. It incorporates changes in the Federal Credit Union Act required by the Credit Union Membership Access Act of 1998 and amendments to the related regulation

Credit Union Investment Management

Credit Union Investment Management provides an in-depth examination of the methods executives use to achieve investment objectives and maximize returns on invested capital, while measuring and minimiz

Strategy for Credit Unions: A guide for Management and Boards

A guide for management and boards of Credit Unions. This book is recommended reading for individuals at all levels of understanding of value proposition, change management, design thinking, what strat