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Eating And Losing Weight: The Food Selection Tips of Health Maintenance Consultants of Celebrities (Chinese Edition)

The author Qiu Jinling is a famous consultant of health maintenance in Beijing Tongrentang in Taiwan and Uncle Liaos health cabin. In her professional career of constant practice, she mainly studies f

Pavlovian and Mendeleev/Times Books of Youth Celebrities at home and abroad (Chinese Edition)

Pavlovian and Mendeleev compiled by Weng You Li and Li Li is one of Times Books of Youth Celebrities at home and abroad. The book puts a lot on the life experience of Pavlovian and Mendeleev their tu

Sporting Gender: Women Athletes and Celebrity-Making during China's National Crisis, 1931-45 (Contemporary Chinese Studies Series)

Sporting Gender is the first book to explore the rise to fame of female athletes in China in the early twentieth century. Gao shows how these women coped with the conflicting demands of nationalist ca

The Stories of Chinese Celebrities (Chinese Edition)

With the cute cartoon image in the cartoon game “”Carrot Fantasy”” as the reading partner and in the form of comic strip, this book construes the classic stories of 30 famous g

A Collection of Brief Biographies of World Celebrities (Chinese Edition)

Those renowned world celebrities have either promoted the progress of civilization with their penetrating insights, or influenced the evolution of history with their shocking political achievements, o

Chinese Celebrities' Stories (Chinese Edition)

China has a long history which hands down many popular poems, prose and novels and the creators of these articles are all real people in history. There are many wonderful stories happened on them: why

China celebrities Stories (literary celebrities 1) (Chinese Edition)

The long history of China leaves a great number of popular poetry handed down. The creators of the fabulous culture are lively people in history. There are numerous exciting and interesting stories ab

Chinese and Foreign Celebrities Proverbs Punch Line Pen Copybook(Motivation Apocalypse Now Redux) (Chinese Edition)

This book let you into the Chinese and foreign celebrities, listen to proverbs punch line, enjoy learning fun, cultivate noble sentiment, and easily improve your writing level.