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History of Money: Financial History: From Barter to Bitcoin - An Overview of Our Economic History, Monetary System & Currency Crisis

Why is a printed piece of paper worth anything? How can a coin be worth more or even less than the number stamped on it? Why is digital money real money? How can money be worth more or less than it wa

Prepper's Stockpile Guide: Items You Can Barter After The Collapse When Cash Is Worthless: (Survival Guide, Survival Gear)

Getting Your FREE Bonus Download this book, read it to the end and see “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter after the conclusion. Prepper’s Stockpile Guide Items You Can Barter After The

The Barter: A Novel

“Eerie and atmospheric, this psychological thriller will twist its way into readers’ psyches.” —Booklist In today’s “lean in” era, debut novelist Siobhan Adcock casts the issue of wheth

The Art of Barter: How to Trade for Almost Anything

Just because you don’t have cash doesn’t mean you don’t want and need things. According to authors and business gurus Karen Hoffman and Shera Dalin, it’s time to get a little creative. Most pe

How To Do More With Less During Tough Times: Learn To Leverage, Barter, Negotiate & Stretch Your Dollar

Author Michael J. Sparks shares his triumphs and trials and experiences as an entrepreneur, car dealer, statesman, father and husband of 25 years and teaches us how to do more with less during tough t

Producing Beauty Pageants: Brokering a Pageant through Barter

Nearly all new pageant systems start out strapped for cash. Most don’t have any idea of what it costs to produce a National pageant. Cara Ryckman, director of Crown Jewels Pageants and Hollywood Jew

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Barter and Trade Exchanges

How many haircuts is that tune-up worth? With money tight, bartering is growing in popularity. Over 70,000 businesses make cashless transactions throughout America. Here is the only complete, step- by

Barter: Poems

“Barter exchanges history for myth, direct speech for epistles, activity for observation . . . breathtaking.” ―Claudia Rankine Felix the Rat’s hind feetcould be Barbie hands― sam