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Ratemaking in International Air Transport: A Legal Analysis of International Air Fares and Rates

Ratemaking in international air transport is a matter of vital importance for airlines, consumers and Governments. For airlines, because the level of international air fares and rates forms one of the

Air Fares and Ticketing (3rd Edition)

For Air Fares and Ticketing or Principles of Reservations courses in two year and proprietary schools. Air Fares and Ticketing, Third Edition represents a major revision and expansion of Airline Tarif

Tripping the Flight Fantastic: Adventures in Search of the World's Cheapest Air Fare (Bradt Travel Guides)

Grabbing flights for less than $10, Andrew Fraser took off on a month long jaunt around ten European cities for not much more than $200. In this entertaining account of his trip, he not only describes

Air Fare: Stories, Poems, and Essays on Flight

From takeoff to landing and everything in-between, this anthology is about flying and the culture surrounding this precarious method of transportation. From the awe of being airborne to the shrink-wra