Modern Hair Restoration: A Complete Hair Loss Guide for Men and Women 2nd edition

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New advances in hair restoration have improved the quality of hair transplants. Los Angeles Hair Transplant surgeon, Dr. Parsa Mohebi has pioneered several safe and effective methods in modern hair restoration that have helped hundreds of hair loss patients. Modern Hair Restoration describes the latest and most effective treatment options for many types of hair loss patients. Exciting new breakthroughs in FUE and Strip hair transplantation are revealed, along with the benefits of other medical and non surgical procedures. The Second Edition of “Modern Hair Restoration” is a complete A-Z guide that offers in depth coverage on the recognized types of hair loss and their corresponding treatments. Although the book is enriched by the research results of Dr. Mohebi and other hair restoration leaders it is geared toward everyday reader. The book contains many pictures of real hair transplant patients along with illustrative examples that will help readers understand the mechanism of hair loss and to visualize the potential results of a hair transplant procedure. Modern Hair Restoration reviews the emotionally empowering journey taken by hair loss sufferers which will surely inspire others considering taking that first step. This book will benefit many individuals in the future who need to learn more about the options available to them through modern hair restoration.

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