Escali 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush

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Experience The Luxury Of Real Badger Hair Bristles

When you use something every day of your life, it’s important to get the best possible experience. This 100% pure badger hair shaving brush delivers a luxurious shave every single morning. It has the same qualities as much more expensive shaving brushes, but at a great value price. The soft and indulgent bristles feel incredible on your face, and they easily whip up a thick, creamy lather quickly, giving you a superior shaving experience in seconds.

Look And Feel Amazing Every Morning

Real badger hair bristles don’t just feel amazing on your face; they also help to gently exfoliate your skin. This helps you shave closer, and has a long lasting skin rejuvenating effect. Your skin will look noticeably smoother immediately. The super absorbent bristles hold a huge amount of water, which makes it easy to get a really smooth gliding wet shave. After you’re done, rinsing it out is easy.

Quality Materials You Can Rely On

We’ve used high quality materials to create this shaving brush, so you can use it daily with the confidence that it won’t let you down. The handle is crafted from real wood, and the bristles are firmly attached. With proper maintenance and storage, it will last for years.

Get A Truly Luxurious Shaving Experience At A Great Value Price – Pick Up This Shaving Brush Today

  • MADE FROM REAL BADGER HAIR: The bristles on this brush are made from genuine pure badger hair, for a soft and luxurious feeling every time you shave.
  • WORKS UP A FULL LATHER: In just a few seconds, this badger brush can whip up a thick, foamy lather that covers your beard area completely. With on pass around your face, you’re ready to start shaving.
  • HOLDS AND RETAINS WATER: The bristles on this badger hair shaving brush are super absorbent, which helps you apply shaving cream fast and get a real wet shave. It also makes it incredibly easy to rinse out when you’re done.
  • FEELS GREAT ON YOUR FACE: Not only will these pure badger hair bristles feel fantastic as you lather up, but they also gently exfoliate your skin, giving you a closer shave and a smoother feel afterwards.
  • SOLID CONSTRUCTION: This is a shaving brush you can rely on, every single morning. It’s made from excellent quality pure badger hair and real wood, with a sturdy construction. Bristle loss is minimal, and it can last for years if well maintained.

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